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Title: What is Zemplar?
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> Zemplar is a synthetic vitamin D analog that is manufactured by Abbot Laboratories.<
>Usage: In ESRD patients it is used to treat and help prevent hyperparathyroid problems. <
>How it works: <
> Zemplar suppresses PTH (Parathyroid hormone) levels in the body. Left untreated, the calcium would continue to drop as the phosphorus continues to rise, and the parathyroid glands would increase its production of PTH which would result in robbing the bones of calcium in order to off set the increased level of phosphorus since the kidneys are no longer able to excrete phosphorus. This vicious circle then results in osteoporosis. Zemplar helps keep this in check. If the calcium level rises too high, then the dose of Zemplar should be reduced or even held until the levels return to within safe parameters.<
>Dosage: 5mcg/ml vials. This drug is usually given IV during your dialysis treatment.<
>Additional treatment: <
> Following a renal diet low in phosphorus and taking the calcium binders as prescribed by your Dr. is extremely important in helping to prevent Osteoporosis in ESRD patients. Also avoid foods and drugs containing aluminum.<
>Warning: If a patient is on Digitalis (Digoxin, Lanoxin), Zemplar (in the form of too high a calcium level), could contribute to Digitalis toxicity. Appropriate lab tests and monitoring of Digitalis and calcium levels are recommended while on both of these drugs.<
>Patients who have concerns or need more information that pertain specifically to their health and treatment should consult with their Dr.<