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What is CO2?
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>C02 = Carbon Dioxide<
>C02 is carbon dioxide. The lab value you see is actually a serum measure of HCO3- that is bicarbonate. The C02 is converted to bicarbonate and then is measured. C02 levels are regulated by the kidneys.<
>Normal Value of C02: 20-29 mEq/l <
> ( mEq/l = milliequivalent per liter)<
>Possible causes of lower than normal levels may indicate the following.<
>Lactic Acidosis<
>**Kidney disease<
>Diarrhea <
>Methanol poisoning<
>Salicylate toxicity<
>Ethylene glycol poisoning<
>Addisons disease<
>Possible causes of greater than normal levels:<
>Excessive vomiting<
>Respiratory dysfunction<
>Cushings syndrome<
>Drugs such as corticosteroids and antacids, (TUMS), can increase these mesurements<
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