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What is Dry Weight?
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Dry Weight<
>What is a Dry Weight?<
>Dry weight is the weight you would normally be at if your kidneys still worked. This is the weight you will be trying to reach at the end of your dialysis runs. Any weight over this is considered fluid gain and needs to be removed during dialysis along with the waste products that have built up in your blood.<
>How do I calculate how much fluid I need to remove to get to my Dry Weight?<
>The following formula, or one similar to it, can be used to calculate how much fluid you need to remove during your run.<
>Pre run weight: ______________ kilos<
> Subtract<
>Your Dry Weight: ______________ kilos<
>=weight to remove. _______________kilos<
>Add the following to the above weight to be removed.<
>IV Fluids ( rinseback) ____________kilos<
>Oral Fluids ______________ kilos<
>=Total amount to be removed: _________Kilos<
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