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What is EPO?
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> EPO is a hormone that normally would be secreted by your kidneys.<
>Its function is to stimulate your bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to your whole body. <
> When your kidney's fail, they stop producing EPO. In turn, you become anemic as the volume of red blood cells in your body slowly falls. <
>Dosing: The starting dose of EPO is usually figured at 50 units/ <
> kilogram of weight. This is based on the patient's dry<
> weight. Starting doses can also be 75,100 or 150 units <
> per kilogram of weight. Your Dr. or the EPO dosing<
> protocol of your company/ unit will determine how many <
> units per kilogram will be used. <
> Patients will usually receive a dose of EPO during each <
> dialysis treatment. Your bone marrow needs regular<
> stimulation from EPO to keep producing the needed amount <
> of red blood cells that is required to replace red blood cells<
> that are destroyed / lost in the hemo dialysis procedure.<
> And to keep your hematocrit/ hemoglobin in the target range.<
> <
>Adjustments: Once EPO has been started, the dose will be adjusted to<
> the individual patient's needs to reach the target range and <
> keep the patient in that range. How the EPO dose is <
> adjusted will be determined by your unit/companies <
> EPO dosing protocol. These protocols are usually based<
> on the DOQI recommended guidelines.<
>Administration: EPO can be given IV or Sub-Q. IV is the most <
> popular way to administer EPO. Some dialysis units/ <
> companies require that EPO be given sub-Q.<
>How supplied:<
> EPO comes in the following packages.<
> 1 ml single dose vials, single dose, Preservative free solutions:<
> 2000 Units / ml<
> 3000 Units / ml<
> 4000 Units / ml<
> 10,000 Units / ml <
> <
> 2 ml. Multidose, Preserved Solution<
> 10,000 Units / ml.<
> 1 ml. Multidose, Preserved Solution<
> 20,000 Units / ml.<
>The above vials are supplied in cartons of 10 vials each. The single dose vials are one time use only as they have no preservative. If the vials are punctured more than once, it increases the chance that bacteria could enter the vial, grow, and if used again, cause an infection.<
>The multidose vials have preservative in them to help prevent this from happening.<
>The above information was adapted from the drug insert provided by Amgen with each carton of EPO.<
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