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How to prolong your life on dialysis
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How to prolong your life on dialysis<
> . Do not use a catheter for more than is necessary. A fistula or graft <
>is far superior. It produces a better<
>flow rate and is less likely to get infected.<
>2. Be sure that nurses and technicians wash their hands or wear clean <
>gloves when beginning to work on you or your<
>machine. Neglecting to do this can result in cross contamination of <
>patients and infection.<
>3. Ask about surgery for hyperparathyroidism. Removing most of a <
>hyperactive parathyroid gland (common in renal failure) can prevent bone <
>loss and calcification of the vascular system.<
>4. Realize that your "dry weight" is just an approximate estimate. It <
>may vary from day to day. So you do not have to reach it exactly on <
>every treatment. Ask the staff to be flexible when it comes to your <
>reaching your dry weight.<
>5. Find out about some of the ways to help you remove fluid and toxins <
>during dialysis: for example you can have one or more "profiles" or <
>schedules of fluid removal or you can have salive administered during <
>6. Ask technicians and nurses to inform you when they adjust your <
>dialysis machine and tell you what they are doing and why.<
>7. Ask your doctor for the "biggest" prescription possible. The more <
>dialysis, in most cases, the better.<
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