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What is Alkaline Phosphatase?
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Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)<
>Alkaline Phosphatase is an enzyme found in all tissues. When tissue is damaged or diseased, they release enzymes into the blood and serum ALP enzymes are elevated. Different types of isoenzymes are in different tissues and each has their own unique structure.<
>The ALP enzymes (isoenzymes) from liver and bone have different structures and can be separated and identified in the lab to indicate where the damaged or diseased tissues affected in the body are located. <
>Laboratory Values:<
>Normal: 30-115 U/ML.<
>Dialysis Normal: Same.<
> **Note Normal lab values may vary from lab to lab and with age and gender.<
>Abnormal High levels may indicate:<
>Bone disease<
>Liver disease (Hepatitis) <
>Biliary obstruction <
>Healing fractures of the bone<
>Osteoblastic bone cancers<
>Paget's disease<
> Normal periods of elevation are found periodically in the following:<
>Growth spurts in children<
>Pregnancy in women<
>Abnormal low levels may indicate:<
>Protein deficiency<
>Some drugs that may affect the lab test for ALP:<
>Tricyclic antidepressants<
>Propranolol <
>Painful joints<
>Weakened bones (Osteoporosis resulting from hyperparathyroidism) <
> -may result in severe pain<
> -may result in deterioration of the bones.<
> -may require surgical intervention to slow down the process.<
> (partial or total parathyroidectomy)<
> The objective is to maintain a low serum phosphorus in the blood. The following help:<
>Oral phosphate binders<
>Regular dialysis<
>Low dietary intake of phosphorus<
>Vit D analogs such as Zemplar, Calcitrol, or Hectorol <
>Surgery: partial or total parathyroidectomy<
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