Author Topic: Put Kaiser right up their with poor customer service  (Read 5663 times)


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Put Kaiser right up their with poor customer service
« on: July 08, 2010, 10:44:25 AM »
 >:(  I have been advocating for another patient in the Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. I have written the 3rd and last letter to the CEO George Halverson. It appears that the top of the tree is not responding to paying a transplant bill.

Finally after several weeks got ahold of their Transplant Coordinator. Marie put the son and I on the phone with the billing appears that the patient's and family are screamed at all the time. I had Teresa scream at me and the patients son. I ended the conversation.  She had told me to get off the phone. The son stated that this is pretty normal in the Anaheim area....

I took it to the CMS level. It appears that some hospitals like Duke feel they can get away with anything. Sent a letter to Halverson

In the State of California they have put Medical issues under the Consumer law.

If you have had the same treatment with this type of service from them ...Chris has my private email/  Arlene



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Re: Put Kaiser right up their with poor customer service
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Guess people don't have enough to deal with!  Have to put up with somebody screaming at them - very professional.  Guess I remember why I do this.   :goodluck:
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