Author Topic: Sheila Shaw: Unable to sit still thru PD  (Read 3887 times)


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Sheila Shaw: Unable to sit still thru PD
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 Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2004 3:40 pm    Post subject: Sheila Shaw: Unable to sit still thru PD   

I'm helping Sheila Shaw promote her personal website. She's a former peritoneal dialysis patient, and kidney transplant recipient. Her treatment for PD inspired her to invent the "Peritoneal Dialysis Security Band," which replaced using tape to secure her catheter. It's easier to use than existing belts, as there is no need to connect two ends together!<
>Sheila also has not let PD, or her later kidney transplant, get her down. She's an inventor, an entrepreneur, a builder, and also a motorcyclist. There are awesome pictures and video of Sheila riding her motorcyle on her personal website: <
>You can also learn more about her "Peritoneal Dialysis Security Band" at 
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