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What Happened To Me
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 Posted: Thu May 22, 2003 3:38 pm    Post subject: What Happened To Me   

When I moved from WA to KY and I saw my new PCP, he ran some tests to check my renal function which consisted of a chem 7 panel, which showed my creatinine at 1.5 and my BUN at 20, and a 24 hour urine which showed by GFR at 16 cc/min, and my creatinine at 0.4. I informed him that this had been my normal for several years and my nephrologist in WA had stated that he felt the 24 hour urine was inaccurate and the my calculated creatinine clearance was 35 cc/min which was acceptable. I knew I needed to be followed by a nephrologist, so I had no problem with being referred.<
>When I saw the new nephrologist, she decided to run additional tests, this time she added a renal panel, a renal US and a renal scan. This time my creatinine was 1.0, my BUN was 20, albumin was 5.4, calcium was 8.1, magnesium was 2.5, all the rest of the tests were within normal limits. The minor changes in the calcium and magnesium could be lab error as 10% is allowed for lab error. The renal ultrasound was normal and the renal scan showed a GFR of 16 cc/min.<
>After she would not provide all of my records, I contacted Arlene, who contacted her office and she provided the rest of my records. After Arlene called her office, she called me back. I asked her why she had called with the results of the tests, as she knew that I wanted the results. She stated that since she knew I would not be seeing her again because of insurance purposes, that she would let my new nephrologist discuss the results with me. I told her that I felt that this was inappropriate, she was acting in a consultant capacity, and I wanted her opinion. She stated that with the results of the renal scan, she felt that I should be started on dialysis immediately and be placed on the transplant list immediately. Of course, this scared me to death. I was anticipating this, but this was not what I really expected to hear.<
>Thankfully, the nephrologist that was on my insurance list was the nephrologist who initially diagnosed my Alport's Syndrome in 1989! I felt comfortable with him, and trusted him. I saw him today as an urgent appointment, expecting to be placed on the transplant list and started on dialysis. Imagine my shock, when he looked at my records and said, "No, you do not need dialysis now, nor do you need to be placed on a transplant list." Your kidney function is just as it was when I saw you the last time in 1993! It is no worse and no better, you are stable!" I let out a huge sigh and began to cry. I never felt such relief in my life!<
>As we talked, he discussed that with a normal serum creatinine and a normal BUN, which I knew from my training as a nurse practitioner, that what the first nephrologist just did not make sense to me. When I asked him why she told me this and scared me to death, he said, "I can't tell you, I have no idea why she did that." For over two weeks my life has been hell, with her comments hanging over my head, trying to work out the details with the PCP, to get the referral. She had me believing that it I didn't get on dialysis immediately, that my life was in danger.<
>As my husband and I were leaving the nephrologist's office, we went by the first nephrologist's office. The office was empty, and there were no car's in the parking lot. The dialysis staff was standing outside smoking. We asked if this was Dr. X's office and they said yes. My husband asked where where all the patients were, and they said she only a few and that her practice wasn't established yet, she hadn't been there very long. Which makes me wonder if she recommended the dialysis and transplant list only to boost her patient load and increase the number of patients in her practice. If this is the case, then she would have started me on dialysis needlessly and then put me on the transplant list needlessly, possibly taking a kidney from someone else who needed it much more than I did.<
>So, the moral to my story is, sometimes you need a second opinion if you are in the early stages. A second opinion can ensure that you are not being screwed over as I was just for the money . But the good thing is now, I can help DEO and not worry about being dumped! And I will advocate and help each of you in any way I can!!! 

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 Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2003 6:19 pm    Post subject: What happened to me   

Yes. It does stink of money! To some doctors all we are is just meat to be processed!<
>If we die, there are always more patients to be had. Yes we are a renewable money resource. 
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