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What is Anemia?
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> Anemia in ESRD patients is usually due to the bone marrow not making enough red blood cells to carry enough oxygen to your whole body.<
>Causes of Anemia in ESRD patients:<
> The lack of enough EPO hormone to stimulate red blood cell <
> production in the bone marrow.<
> Blood loss<
> Inability to absorb adequate iron from food intake.<
> Shortened life span of red blood cells<
> Blood loss related to the dialysis procedure.<
> Feeling tired all the time.<
> Loss of energy<
> Weakness<
> Faintness<
> Breathlessness<
> Blood loss<
> Palpitations<
> Irregular heart beat<
> The above list is just a sample of symptoms from being anemic.<
> Most ESRD patients are started on EPO. ( See "What is EPO").<
>It can also be complicated by not having enough Iron available in the blood to help the EPO stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells.<
> To reduce the amount of blood lost during dialysis, the following things can help.<
> Thoroughly rinse the blood back at the end of treatment.<
> Keep blood draws to a minimum. <
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