DialysisEthics Founders

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Brent Smith:

Brent was one of the Federal Senate witnesses back in 2000 and had spent many years on dialysis. He was a strong spirit who felt an obligation to stand up and testify to what he was seeing.

As was said about him at his eulogy: “He never intended to be a hero, martyr or a saint. He only wanted to be himself – an honest, forthright man who adhered to his convictions, fought for what was right and, in the end, as he did as long as I have known him, risked his own life to make the lives of those around him better.”


Founding RN:

A wise, compassionate, understanding, and technically adept member of the group. Founding RN sacrificed many hours of her time away from her family to help those with questions and concerns about their care.

She lent a lot of credibility to the organization and was always there to lend a steady helping hand to those suffering and confused about the medical world they had entered.


Frank Brown:

Frank Brown spent many years on dialysis and in 2000 he was thought to be the longest living man on dialysis. A well-informed man, a dialysis scholar, he lent his expertise to the 2000 Senate hearings. Too sick to travel, his testimony was included in the Senate's final report.

He is another whose courage, wisdom, and fortitude is missed.  Frank Brown's story can be found at: Frank_Brown's_story