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What is Carnitor?
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>Other names: Carnitine<
> Description: Carnitine is an amino acid that is essential in the metabolic processes in the body. It's function is to help with transporting fatty acids and removing toxic wastes from cells.<
>Sources of Carnitine:<
> Red meat<
> Dairy products<
> Breast milk<
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>Symptoms seen in dialysis patients:<
>Muscle weakness<
>Cardiac Arrhythmias<
>Due to the fact that most dialysis patients are restricted in eating dairy products, as they are high in phosphorus, carnitine deficiency can be a problem. Medicare does not reimburse for this drug so it is not used that often. And since this drug is water soluble, it must be given as your blood is being rinsed back into you otherwise it will be dialyzed out.<
>For more indepth information about Carnitor, please see the website;<
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