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Alport's Syndrome
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While doing some research about Alport's Syndrome (AS), I found quite a bit of interesting information, that I thought would be worth sharing. AS is an inherited disorder of the basement mem
anes and effects the kidney, eye and ear. People who inherit the defective genes for the "collagen" proteins in these basement mem
anes can develop deafness, abnormalities of the eye, and progressive loss of renal function. In the kidneys, the glomeular basement mem
anes act like filters, allowing fluid to move from blood vessels to urine while retaining protein and red blood cells within the individual's bloodstream. Therefore, one of the ealry signs of AS may leakage of small amounts of bllod or protein into the urine during childhood. Collagen-containing membanes are also important to for the stages the lens of the eyes and the structure of the inner ear.<
>Some websites that give quite a bit of information on AS if anyone else is interest in this rare disese:;;; and<
>Hope these help anyone else that is interested in this inhereted disese process that affects so many orgns.
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