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KT/V vs Time on Dialysis
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2003 1:57 am    Post subject: KT/V vs Time on Dialysis    

In this months Nephrology News and Issues there were a few articles on home hemo. 2 written by patients. There was also an article by Dr. Blagg and Dr. Lockeridge. The last paragraph of the article was and I quote " The multimillion-dollar, multiyear Hemodialysis Study, finalized last year, showed that increasing Kt/V or using more biocompatible mem
anes does not improve the results of dialysis.<
>What is needed now is a general acceptance that truly adequate dialysis depends more on the amount of time spent on dialysis, and especially on frequency of dialysis. In light of the continuing nursing shortage and projected growth in patient numbers, better treatment for all will only be possible if many more patients treat themselves at home, thus allowing longer and / or more frequent dialysis of patients treated in centers. We hope reintroduction of this legislation will generate renewed and greater support from the renal community."
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