Author Topic: Fresenius does away with HD Foot Plates: A patient letter to the company  (Read 9072 times)


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Hemoman68 wanted to share with everyone a copy of the email that he sent to various people in the Fresenius corporation.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

My name is Anthony Brown and I am a hemo dialysis patient in Oshtemo, MI at the Fresenius center there. I am writing to you in regards to the removal of the foot plate steps on our dialysis chairs. On Wednesday, April 7, 2010 when I arrived at dialysis for treatment I was surprised to find that the foot plate steps had been removed from all chairs in our unit. I inquired with staff and was told that this was a corporate decision and that more information would be following.

Later I was brought a memo from the Clinical Manager of our unit, Mary Steen, and made to sign stating that I had received and read the aforementioned memo. I found the reasons stated in the memorandum to be next to unbelievable. While I am truly saddened to hear that someone lost their life because of the foot plate steps, I would question the reason for removing them from every chair in every FMC unit in the country. These steps are very important to almost every dialysis patient daily during their treatments.

For most patients the steps are an integral part of their being able to get into the chair and position themselves comfortably, while others use them during their treatments because they don