Author Topic: What are your Dialysis Experiences?  (Read 3789 times)


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What are your Dialysis Experiences?
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 Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2003 4:50 am    Post subject: What are your Dialysis Experiences?   

I also need some descriptive experiences you've had in dialysis. I know there is plenty on this board. If anyone whos good at researching can help me find some of the past threads would appreciate it. I know there was a thread on the good units vs the bad units or something like that. 
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 Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 2:47 am    Post subject: dialysis experience   

The best dialysis experience I have ever had was at home. The atmosphere was pleasant. The staff was great; the conversation meaningful, the snacks abundant. Asceptic procedure followed to a tea; fluid removal was always figured correctly. Machines cleaned and maintained on schedule. Water checks made every treatment. Attention was undivided. No traveling involved. Treatment was initiated when I wanted to start. No waiting on or off. Treatment time could be raised in case of fluid overload and taken off gently. No med screw ups. No fudged blood draws. Phone available; TV available. Chair or bed. Faithful companion dog was near by. Certainly confuses me as to why this option isn't available to all "capable" patients it's the best experience I have had with dialysis. 

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 Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 2:59 am    Post subject: best   

My Best traveling experience was in Shiprock, NM. Very nice and friendly unit. Treated my wife great also in the waiting area.<
>My best unit experience was in St. CLoud, MN. The staff was great and freindly, in fact we had a family picnic with them each year. They
ought family, we
ought family. It was great. And the social worker would make all your travel plans. Just had to tell her when and where and she would do the rest. A nun came around each treatment and prayed with you.<

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