An Uncle Warren Buffett quote:
"If you've got a good enough business, if you have a monopoly newspaper, if you have a network television station — I'm talking of the past — you know, your 'idiot nephew' could run it. And if you've got a really good business, it doesn't make any difference." Business Insider

"A really good business", for who?  This John Oliver YouTube video might give us an idea.

Actually I wouldn't be so unkind as to call the former CEO mentioned in the John Oliver video a total idiot, more an idiot savant.  He was really good at raking in the money for himself and DaVita management (just had to sell their souls).

"In 1991 Medicare expenditures were $5.8 billion, and non-Medicare costs from heath plans and other coverage were $2.2 billion—a total, then, of $8.0 billion from all sources (see Figure p.6 on page 17). By 2001, costs of the program had reached $22.8 billion, almost triple the earlier level of expenditures"  Colorado Legislature Fact Sheet 

Triple the level of previous expenditures!!!  I'm sure medical care must have gotten better, UH NO!:

" Annual Data Report 2003 pg 172, population up 106%, deaths up 123% from ’91 to ‘01 (I should add the for-profit companies – such as Davita – were taking over this area of medicine during this time period)"  Colorado Legislature Fact Sheet  

Deaths up 123%!!!  Unfortunately for patients, Kent Thiry and DaVita's talents go as far as figuring out how to squeeze the taxpayer1 - medical care doesn't seem to be in the mix, hence they might be considered idiot savants!

[1] Medicare is the main source of DaVita's revenue

* For a near 50 year history of this field of medicine check out this: Quick Minute Intro