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We are Dialysis Advocates who are keeping this site alive as a reminder of the history of the kidney dialysis field of medicine.  Many of us have spent over two decades advocating for rights of dialysis patients.  If you want to know more about us click the "About Us" link above and you could take a look at this introduction (also below).

And we've put together a list of the kinds of things we would like to see in dialysis:


 Hi, my name is Chris and I've been a member of DialysisEthics since 2000 and I helped coordinate the activities of this patient advocacy organization.  This site is being kept up as a reminder of the history of this field of medicine.  For dialysis patients currently with issues and problems, is recommended people contact the folks at Dialysis Advocates.


 Dialysis Facility Tracker

Updated Dec. 22, 2010

By Robin Fields, Al Shaw, and Jennifer LaFleur, ProPublica, Dec. 22, 2010

This site is for dialysis patients and others who want to learn about the quality of care at individual dialysis clinics. Among other things, you can learn how often patients treated at a facility have been hospitalized, report certain types of infections or are placed on the transplant list. The information is submitted by facilities and collected by contractors of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the federal agency that oversees most dialysis care.

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 Ken Thiry

 Denver-based health-care mogul Kent Thiry runs DaVita, his multibillion-dollar kidney dialysis company, unlike anything the buttoned-down corporate world has ever seen. Are his carnival-like theatrics a stroke of genius, or are they designed to distract people from the hard truths about his business?