!!!P.S. The following History and recent Children's stats linked to, need to be emphasized!!! Update: And it gets worse:  KIDS!!!!

The ghost of Jacob Marley to Scrooge:  "In life, my spirit never rose beyond the limits of our money-changing holes! Now I am doomed to wander without rest or peace, incessant torture and remorse!"

A more modern continuation of the above might be the ghost of Charlie Munger whispering to Warren Buffett: "Break up the huge kidney dialysis company DaVita for starters!"  "Our refrain of **PROPER HEALTHCARE, who needs PROPER HEALTHCARE - just figure out how to charge out the wazoo!!** , hasn't played well in the hereafter!"

At first blush, we might want might want to believe it was just an oversight that caused Munger and Buffett to miss all the God-awful stats and stories about kidney dialysis.  They just missed seeing the horrific history and current news about even KIDS!!!  They have been busy gathering up the love and adoration of their Berkshire Hathaway shareholders!  Much too busy to find out and admit whether or not what they have invested in, is sending people to an early grave - petty boring details!  Much more fun to plan and attend their annual wing-dings in Omaha, the "Woodstock of Capitalism" (more like the "Woodstock of Monopoly Capitalism").  I attended last May's party and it was like a Roman festival celebrating the Great Green God money!  I still have to wonder how they got those RVs into the Colosseum (er, the CHI Health Center).  Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with making a little money but there are still some us who think it should be made fair and square without running over the "customers".  One of those people might be NYT's best-selling author Tom Mueller with his new book: 'How to Make a Killing: Blood, Death, and Dollars in American Medicine'.  More people might be found at M.I. Mother's Keeper in Washington D.C..  And let's not forget what the people in this Reading List have to say.

Sure, Buffett and Munger just missed the above stats and stories.  Like they missed a problem with another one of their investments, Clayton Homes.

"In minority communities across the American South where Clayton has established dominance, the company seizes homes and land and resells them in a churn that strips individuals of their assets and communities from holding and building wealth."


And then there is their investment in Teva Pharmaceuticals, possibly they hadn't been informed about the opioid crisis? 

"In a unique and landmark case, a New York jury has found Teva Pharmaceuticals responsible for contributing to the state's opioid crisis." 

Charlie Munger may have had a soft spot for his own child Teddy who died of leukemia, but he really seemed to have a blind spot for other people's kids.  Whether it was intentional or not, possibly only he knows.  But this writer has to ask how he could have NOT known.

Warren Buffett has been good at playing the role of the magnanimous, benevolent billionaire - trying to buy his way into heaven?  Can he be as good at admitting and rectifying his mistakes?  At 93 he might not have much more time.  He might be hearing the Jacob Marley lament:

"It is required of every man that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow men! If it goes not forth in life, it is condemned to do so after death! It is doomed to wander through the world! Oh, woe is me! And witness what it cannot share but MIGHT HAVE SHARED on Earth and turned to happiness!" 

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