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Angie from Angie's Kidney Korner is a Canadian dealing with kidney disease who also runs a website.  She has a transplant now, but has spent sometime on dialysis.  We've known Angie for some years and she is one of the most helpful, friendly, knowledgeable people we know!  I sometimes think there is more than one of her, she can be found on many of the sites helping out and giving advice.


Dialysis Advocates is an exciting new organization.  Need help dealing with your clinic?  Then this is the organization for you!  Or just follow along and watch this much-needed organization grow!


Dialysis Patient Advocate Voice (DPAV) is on facebook.  It was started by a couple of dialysis patients fed up with conditions they were seeing.  They have been doing an excellent job amplifying the voices of staff and patients also fed up.
Dialysis Patient Advocate Voice (DPAV)


HemoDoc is the internet name of Dr. Peter Laird MD.  He is an internal medicine specialist with nearly 20 years of clinical practice in hospital medicine, office practice, and acute care medicine.  Not only is he a doctor, but he is also a patient requiring hemodialysis starting back in 2007.  He has written quite a few articles about kidney dialysis based on his unique position as both a patient and physician.
HemoDoc From Doctor to Patient

Home Dialysis Central is not only the place to go to learn more about home dialysis, but also is a great place to get many technical questions answered.  Dori Schatell, a nurse, and Beth Witten, a social worker, have always been courteous and helpful.

I Hate was started by a patient who went by the internet name Epoman.  Unfortunately, he has passed on - God Rest His Soul.  However others have carried on the tradition he started with a little tongue-in-cheek humor mixed with discussions about End Stage Renal Disease.  A popular site definitely worth the visit.

Lori Hartwell has dealt with kidney disease since the age of two and founded the organization Renal Support Network to instill "instill health, happiness, and hope into the lives of fellow patients".  Lori has traveled the world inspiring and educating patients, and health care professionals with talks and has written the book "Chronically Happy - Joyful Living in Spite of Chronic Illness".  Below is a link to her organization's forum.