Update: And it gets worse:  KIDS!!!!

The last of the Zoom meetings before the big February 29th 'Rally To Congress' was completed yesterday (02/08/2024)!  It was an excellent meeting that got many of us fired up!  Fired up for the DC Rally on February 29th starting at 10am - click on this link for details, includes: how to order a T-shirt, an 'Eventbrite Registration Link', and our 'Congressional "Dialysis" Call To Action'!  We are ready to call out what has to be the worst abuse of monopoly power imaginable!  (if you missed the red highlighted link above, here it is again)  Want more of an intro to all this?  This writer is thinking of you dear reader. Here is a 'Reading List' that includes everything from a one minute intro, a starting article, and 5 books - everything from kidney dialysis to the ill effects of monopoly power are covered.  Kidney dialysis has to be an extreme example of what happens when 'choice' is taken out of the equation!

This is being headed up by people like Dr. Rhonda Hamilton of the Washington D.C. organization 'M.I.Mother's Keeper' and DC mayoral candidate, NYT's best-selling author Tom Mueller (recent book 'How to Make a Killing' is about dialysis'), and the huge labor union SEIU.  Already this January 31st a Press Conference was held in DC at the capitol. Dr. Hamilton, people from SEIU, and author Tom Mueller were all there.  Here is Tom Mueller's testimony.

We've already gotten the attention of many of our federal reps.  It looks like people like @RepMaxineWaters, @RepKatiePorter, @RepAdamSchiff, and @RepZoeLofgren have already been laying into the big two for-profit dialysis companies (DaVita and Fresenius) at places like the January 31st Press Conference mentioned.  Senators @ChuckGrassley@SenatorRonWyden@SenBlumenthal, @SenatorShaheen, @SenatorHassan and Representatives @RepDelBene, @RepLarryBucshon, and @RepChrisPappas have all shown an interest in this.

Add into the mix now Representative @JasonCrowCO.  He is my Rep from Colorado.  I was informed at the Zoom meeting he has been in contact with Dr. Rhonda Hamilton of M.I. Mother's Keeper.  I look forward to meeting him when I'm in DC.  Having been an Army Ranger, it looks like he has already been working on a good number one rule for warfare: 'DON'T KILL KIDS'.  I just saw this post by him.  Possibly this could also be a number one rule in healthcare - have I mentioned this?

This could be the biggest thing in Kidney Dialysis since the 2000 US Senate Hearings - not to mention a huge blow against monopoly power!  (and could this be a bipartisan issue?)

A Reading List to get up to Speed