Tom Mueller had this to say:

"Your many-year fight for good dialysis, and your immense knowledge of what's happening in bad dialysis, has been and remains a continual inspiration to me, Chris. Keep up the great work - and the Walking on Omaha!"

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*Why are we upset with Warren Buffett of all people? This short article might give you a hint, for a deeper dive I would suggest this reading list.

*What do we want? In a nutshell, see this article - links for a deeper dive.

*What have we done just this year? This will give you an idea.

*Can't make the Omaha Walk? Then please sign this petition.

*Need some added incentive? This might provide it: KIDS!!!

*My Credentials (all they have done is given me a heightened sense of responsibility to say something)

---Author Tom Mueller's talk with Dr. Ken Berry