*Warren Buffett owns 40% of the HUGE for-profit dialysis company DaVita through his Berkshire Hathaway company (about 1% of the Berkshire portfolio)



It was asked how the for-profits Davita and Fresenius abuse people:
*short, violent treatments that damage the heart
*understaffed clinics, with staff that are under trained and overworked
*all of the above with prices that have been called 'the highest in the industrialized world'1

--The above is just a few things. There is a long list of things we would like to see. You can take a look at this list from DC's M.I. Mother's Keeper.

Two Asks:

*The big ask is to see the for-profits DaVita and Fresenius busted up into something like small care coops – and more on co-ops.

*take away the nephs exemption to the Stark Law. The law says doctors can't profit off their patients - but with the exemption nephs can! The exemption appears to stifle innovations like Community Dialysis Houses. A neph is more likely to recommend a clinic he has a financial interest in, then a Community Dialysis House he may not have a financial interest in.


Update: And it gets worse:  KIDS!!!!

Petition (and see our visit to DC)

1Fact Sheet from M.I. Mother’s Keeper

**Fact Sheets and Scandals