To whom it may concern,
I'm a 20+ year kidney dialysis advocate here in Denver.  A 2nd annual Walk for Kidney Dialysis Patients is planned for May 4th in Omaha NE.  It coincides with Warren Buffett's big shareholder meeting.  Mr. Buffett owns 40% of the huge kidney dialysis company DaVita through his Berkshire Hathaway company - DaVita's HQ is here in Denver.  To say many of us are upset with DaVita's for-profit care is an understatement!  This Walk is a protest of that treatment - though a mild protest at that, not much more than handing out flyers and leaving an information packet.  However it is felt that this is a newsworthy event - especially considering the history of this field of medicine.
For details, an endorsement of this Walk from a NYT's best-selling author, more in a nutshell, and facts+scandals there is this media webpage that has been put together. 

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