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This was emailed off to Becky Quick of CNBC who will be interviewing Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting on May 6th, 2023:


Ms. Quick,
My question is: "There are a lot of reasons DaVita should be broken up (the numbers, scandals), are there any reasons left indicating DaVita shouldn't be broken up into something like small care co-ops?".
DaVita is a huge kidney company in the dialysis field of medicine.  From my research, Berkshire owns 40% of the company - yet it is less than 1% of the Berkshire portfolio!  It looks like Mr. Munger, Mr. Buffett, and Berkshire could make significant changes in this field of medicine with their lunch money! 
This is an area where choice is severely lacking, unlike many areas where for-profit endeavors have been successful.  Oftentimes there is little to no choice where a person receives treatment.  And people didn't choose to get sick!  The choices are to get dialysis or die.  This makes for a very vulnerable population!  A population that can easily be taken advantage of - and all indications are they have been.
Mr. Munger and Mr. Buffett have found a very successful way of investing!  And once they did it was full speed ahead!  In their sunset years it might be time to turn around and see who is drowning in their wake.
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