Hi, my name is Chris and I've been a member of DialysisEthics since 2000 and I helped coordinate the activities of this patient advocacy organization.  This site is being kept up as a reminder of the history of this field of medicine.  For dialysis patients currently with issues and problems, is recommended people contact the folks at Dialysis Advocates.

 DialysisEthics has always been a leader in improving patient care through advocacy: sometimes using legislative and legal means to improve overall conditions, sometimes doing individual patient advocacy. We aim to continue that tradition

We were there when no one else was advocating for nonviolent dismissed patients - not the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, not the Renal Networks, and not the National Kidney Foundation. We also have consistently pointed out the problems we saw with kidney dialysis. The following is a list of our accomplishments over the years:

*2000 US Senate hearings - after the hearing President Clinton allocated
more money for dialysis center inspections and dialysis workers became
part of the inspection teams

*Verified statistics now back up the information on Medicare's "Dialysis
Facility Compare"

*Doctors have to review charts before they can be reimbursed

*Responsible for getting reports started by the Office of Inspector
General (OIG) in 2000 and 2003 on the conditions in dialysis

*Many current members of DialysisEthics were responsible for starting
and helping push through a bill for the certification of hemodialysis
technicians in Colorado in 2007

*There have been many nonviolent dismissed patients returned to their
clinics or placed in other clinics or hospitals over the years - as recently
as this year

Chris Schwab


P.S.  Need individual advocacy?  Call 1-800-847-8842 or fax 1-877-633-5638