From Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's YouTube Channel

At minute 21:00 of 19 Facts Your Doctor May Not Know he mentions things like the anti-growth hormone somatostatin and the dawn phenomenon.

Rising early to give insulin to control the dawn phenomenon at minute 31:30

Dawn phenomenon and an early dinner at minute 45:00.

At minute 50:45 he talks about using humalog for the dawn phenomenon.

At 1:03:45 he mentions using metformin etc....

And in this final video he talks about using rapid insulin and rapid metformin at minute 26:30 and rapid and slow metformin together at 52:20.

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**Update 12/14/2023:  It is also worth mentioning another recent game-changer besides a low carb diet - a cgm!  It is mentioned because it has really emphasized how WALKING has been really valuable for dealing with the dawn phenomenon - besides also walking after a meal.