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My name is Abby and I have been on dialysis for 3 years. Recently, my doctor fired me as a patient because he said there was a general loss of trust. His technicians recorded wrong blood pressures and the doctor we will call Dr. Malpractice refused to listen to me, the patient, when I would explain I had gained weight. The doctor said I had HIGH blood pressure and needed to remove more fluid. So, they said I needed to remove 7 kg when in fact I only needed to remove 3 kg. So during treatment and after I would pass out and not feel well. 9 Mos the doctor refused to listen or change my dry weight and the technicians still did their jobs incorrectly.
So I followed protocol. I complained to the Center Director. We will call him Fairy. Fairy stated he would look into my claims. He made it sound like everything was going to be OK. About a week after my complaint, one particular Tech who made the majority of the mistakes began to stare at me and shake her head. One day she walked past and called me a "bleep". I asked Fairy to not have her near me and reported what I had heard. This was fine for about a month, then one day I came in early for treatment and saw the same tech setting up my machine. My heart began to beat out of my chest. I asked a nurse t check the machine. It had been set up with the wrong patient Heparin. The nurse switched mine with the wrong syringe and reset my machine. Later while on the machine, another technician asked who set my machine up...I gave her the name and asked why. This particular tech said it has beed set up wrong. At this point I called Fairy over to report my situation. Fairy not only did not care, he yelled at me while I was dialyzing. He stated the tech's mistake was minor and "end of discussion". So I reported the incident and Fairy's reaction to my complaint to his boss. She indicated there would be an investigation. A month later I still had nothing back from this so called investigation. Finally in June 2009 I was called into a meeting with Dr. Malpractice and Fairy. I brought with me a witness and had one listening on my cell phone. This is where Dr. Malpractice through Fairy accusedme of clamping my lines and adding air into my machine. They fired me as a patient that day. The tech who made this accusation was not present at this meeting and they did not allow my witness nor myself ask any questions. The tech who stuck me the day the air was in my machine was gone. He no longer worked there. I hired a friend to find him, he was working in a city about an hour and a half away at a new facility. I called him and learned the air was in my filter and was in the machine already. he stated whoever set up my machine that day was responsible for the air. Dr. Malpractice refused to listen. So I began to look for another clinic. No one would take me. The Davita clinics advised me they were advised not to take me. The others stated they could not. I attempted to make appointments with Nephrologists and would be called back advising my appt had been cancelled. This is when I went into survival mode and found Arlene. It got ugly and she went for the jugular. Today I have a new clinic and am having the best care I could ever imagine possible. The care I receive now compared to the care with Dr. Malpractice is opposite ends of the spectrum. Day and Night.
I am alive today because of Arlene and I am 100% grateful.
I am also 100% motivated to help others who's doctor is not there for the patient.